Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome to SaddleBack Western

Since this is our first post, I figured I would welcome you to our blog and give a little more information about SaddleBack Western.

Who are we?

We are a husband and wife team with a love for both rustic and western themed items. I myself have a bit more flair for western while my husband is a die-hard rustic decor man. He runs Clear Creek Furniture Works while I run SaddleBack Western.

We have both been selling online for over 15 combined years. In January of 2010, Clear Creek Furniture Works was launched. Being a web designer, I worked through several ideas for the design before he finally fell in love with the look we have today. I think the finishing touch was when he realized the waterfall photograph was one I had taken in 2006 of Looking Glass Falls near Brevard, NC.

SaddleBack Western was launched unofficially in early September. I say unofficially because I am still working on stocking a wide range of western home decor and furniture. I have several vendors lined up that will provide a beautiful assortment of quality western furniture and home decor. But where did the idea come from for SaddleBack Western? I grew up in a family that only listened to country music. We would go to rodeos and I just loved horses ... and cowboys! In my teen years, I wore a lot of western style clothing including cowgirl boots. Many of the items in no only my parents house but my grandmother's house were western themed. So SaddleBack Western came to me naturally when one of our sales rep's showed me other lines he represented that were western themed.

The rest... is history. All you need to know is that both Clear Creek Furniture Works and SaddleBack Western will provide you with quality home decor and furniture for your western or rustic style. You will get the best customer service we can possibly provide as you are our customer and we want you to be happy with your purchase for years to come.

You should be happy to hear that I too have used, rusted horseshoes on my wall.


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